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Tips for Buying a Motorcycle

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For some riding motorbikes is dangerous activity but so brave hearts they find it thrilling. Motor riding gives an excitement that no other car can provide.

If you have a keen mind, quick reflexes and have the ability to handle hair-raising situations and want to purchase a motorcycle.  Here are some tips that can help you choose the right motorcycle for you.


  • If it is used motorcycle
    • Look for scratches, dents, side -cover tabs
    • Look for tears and missing trim, collapsed foam
    • It should be rust-free



If it is your first time to buy a motorcycle there are things that you have to consider. For example, you should take into consideration your body built. Big bike is not for someone who has a small body built. The weight of a big bike is hard to handle when you are on the road.

Here are 10 best motorcycle cars for sale for beginner riders.

  1. Suzuki GW250

Displacement: 248cc

Engine: 4 strokes, 2-cylinder SOHC

Transmission: 6-speed


  1. Kawasaki KLX250S

Displacement: 249cc

Engine: 4 strokes, liquid – cooled DOHC

Transmission: 5 – speed

  1. Yamaha SR400

Displacement: 399cc

Engine: 4 stroke, 1-cylinder, air -cooled

Transmission: 5- speed

  1. Suzuki DR 200

Displacement: 199cc

Engine: 4 strokes, air – cooled OHC

Transmission: 5 – speed

  1. KTM390 DUKE and 200 duke

Displacement: 373 cc

Engine: 4 strokes, water – cooled DOHC

Transmission: 6 – speed


If you already decided what motorcycle you want to purchase you can now visit a dealership that sells it.

Private sale usually provides a lower price but it can leave you without warranty. You can check the internet for the list of the accredited seller in your place. They offer warranty for the first few months of your purchase. When buying a motorcycle, be sure to ask everything you want to know. It can help you decide which one to choose.


Test drive can affect your decision, for it can show you how that particular motorcycle performs.

Try different types of motorcycle that you can handle. This will help you maximize your choices.


First, know the price of the motorcycle that you intend to buy whether you are going to buy a used motorcycle or new motorcycle. Make sure you can afford the monthly payment for the new motorcycle.

The difference from private seller to a dealership is that the private seller always requires the full purchasing price, cash in hand, while in dealership there will be a financing options, some even offers zero percent interest.

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